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News and Views 14 October News and Views 11 October Research 18 October Open Access. Joshua Young1, Stephen Gasior et al. Genomics DNA library preparation from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues is challenging. Here the authors describe CUTseq that uses restriction enzymes and in vitro amplification to barcode samples for reduced representation genome sequencing.

Magnetic soft robots show advantages in wireless actuation, but normally demand complicated device preparations and three-dimensional magnetic manipulation. Won et al.

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Research Highlights 18 October This study shows that sublethal doses of ciprofloxacin enhanced aggregation of bacterial cells, which resulted in their increased expulsion from the gut by the mechanical activity of the intestine. This study reports the feasibility of vaginal microbiome transplantation from healthy donors as treatment for patients suffering from symptomatic, intractable and recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

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News 18 October Denis Rebrikov also told Nature that he does not plan to implant gene-edited embryos until he gets regulatory approval. Haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, edited via CRISPR to mimic mutations ameliorating sickle-cell disease, engraft when transplanted in macaques and maintain foetal haemoglobin in circulation. Research Highlights 16 October Advanced search. Skip to main content. Search My Account Login. Atom RSS Feed Biotechnology Definition Biotechnology is a broad discipline in which biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components are exploited to develop new technologies.

Bauer Nature Biomedical Engineering , Related Subjects Animal biotechnology Applied immunology Assay systems Biologics Biomaterials Biomimetics Cell delivery Environmental biotechnology Expression systems Functional genomics Gene delivery Gene therapy Genomics Industrial microbiology Metabolic engineering Metabolomics Molecular engineering Nanobiotechnology Nucleic-acid therapeutics Oligo delivery Peptide delivery Plant biotechnology Protein delivery Proteomics Regenerative medicine Sequencing Stem-cell biotechnology Tissue engineering. Show more. Butler, D R. Notter, William H.

Velander, and F C. Bioactivities of a tumour necrosis like factor released by chicken macrophages , Silke Rautenschlein, Anuradha Subramanian, and Jagdev M. Bioactivities of a tumour necrosis like factor released by chicken rnacrophages , Silke Rautenschlein, Anuradha Subramanian, and Jagdev M.

Bailey and Michael M. Velander; Francis C. Expression of a functional human complement inhibitor in a transgenic pig as a model for the prevention of xenogeneic hyperacute organ rejection. Fodor, Barry L. Williams, Louis A. MArtis, Josaeph A. Madri, Scott A. Rollins, James W.

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Knight, William H. Velander, and Stephen P. Hajdu, J W. Knight, R S. Cansecot, R L. Krisher, William H. Velander, R E. Pearson, and F C. Sparks, R S. Canseco, C G. Russell, J L. Johnson, H D. Moll, William H. Velander, and Francis C. High-level expression of a heterologous protein in the milk of transgenic swine using the cDNA encoding human protein C , William H.

Velander, John L. Johnson, Raymond L. Page, Christopher G. Russell, Anuradha Subramanian, Tracy D. Wilkins, Francis C. Gwazdauskas, Christoph Pittius, and William N. Page, Chritopher G.

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Gwazdauskas, Christoph Pittus, and William N. Williams, J. Johnson, A. Sparks, R.

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Canseco, J. Velander, R. Page, W. Drohan, J. Young, R.