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ttsreader-x extension for Chrome Listen to news, wiki articles.
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NaturalReader , self-proclaimed as the most powerful text-to-speech reader, can turn PDFs, web pages, e-books, and even printed material into spoken word. Available for both Mac and PCs, this software can convert and save any text-filled document into an audio file.

Audio features such as speed and voice are adjustable, and once an audio file is saved it can be transferred to other devices, such as a cell phone, so the user has the file wherever he or she goes. TalkButton , available for Macs and Microsoft Word, is text-to-speech software that can be controlled through a toolbar at the top of the computer screen. Text that is read out loud can be adjusted to slow down, speed up, paused, or replayed back a few seconds with the help of the accessibility toolbar.

Audio files created from the text-to-speech software can be saved and downloaded to iTunes.

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Browsealoud is a web page navigation software available for most versions of Windows that is designed to help those with dyslexia and second-language learners browse the internet. The software strips the web page down to its essential text so the user can focus on the text alone. Its text-to-speech feature also comes with a magnifying glass icon that follows the text as it is read aloud.

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ReadSpeaker is a screen reader software for Mac or PC that allows documents, web pages, and e-books to be read aloud. She then asked me what I thought about the paragraph after I finished reading it. I told her and the whole class.

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Childhood literacy is important to overarching education and development in youth, and one of the best ways to improve childhood literacy is to provide a multitude of diverse. I just had this super busy schedule every week, which would eventually be true for all four years of High School. With this busy schedule, I was able to learn to balance my time, making it so I could accomplish everything I needed to do every week. I began playing soccer at age four, starting at a recreational level.

When I was nine, I started playing on a competitive soccer team, which was a huge step up from the.

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Feeling my ears and face turn stop sign red with the sense of the walls closing in, I began to read aloud. She then asked me what I thought about the paragraph that I finished reading. Before I chose this career my parents took the time to educate me in the ABCs and simple signs, I have continued to learn more as time has gone on. Even with my limited knowledge it has already helped me greatly through out my professional career.

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  6. However ASL is not always beneficial, primarily with those who are. Literacy is one of them.

    Powerful Text-to-Speech for at home, work, or on the go.

    Literacy is the ability to read and write, and without either one of them our world would fail. Literacy can be met through other things besides reading and authorship.

    It can be found in newspapers, books, television sources and so much more. The high-quality voice sounds more like what we've come to expect from a robot in Here's how to activate it.

    Some Thoughts on the Lost Art of Reading Aloud - The New York Times

    Once enabled, your Android device will read the text of books acquired from Google Play Books. There's just one problem; the voice reading the books sounds horrible. It's slow, words are awkwardly broken up, and it just doesn't lend itself to a great experience.