Essay on social responsibility is charity enough

Essay on social responsibility is charity enough. When I hear businessmen speak eloquently about the 'social responsibilities of This is true enough if Friedmand.
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Sustainability is often mentioned with CSR and is usually associated with environmental sustainability. However, sustainability can also apply to many other aspects of a business including procurement, economic, hiring and training for example. Corporate social responsibility typically refers to lengths taken by businesses that go beyond what is deemed compulsory by law and ethical standards as stated by regulators and environmental associations.

CSR can often result in short-term costs which do not lead to immediate economic gain for the company, however instead support and prioritise social and environmental progress. The focus of corporate social responsibility is to boost shareholder trust and increase long-term profits in a sustainable and ethical way by taking ownership of corporate decisions and improving them. Because of this, CSR initiatives are often defined as initiatives that place social improvement before the often short term interests of business financial performance.

Corporate social responsibility can take shape in many ways, with common examples including donating money to charities and implementing environmental schemes in the workplace. There are several different forms of corporate social responsibility, all of which address individual issues. However, the three main types of CSR are environmental , ethical , philanthropic. One of the most common forms of corporate social responsibility, a number of companies focus their CSR efforts towards reducing their impact on the environment.

Whilst some UK businesses are now obliged by law to report on their greenhouse gas emissions, many others that are not required to are also beginning to address cutting their carbon footprint. Though harmful effects on the environment were once dismissed as a necessary and unavoidable cost of doing business, pollution and excessive consumption of resources now also pose a social and political concern on a global level. For this reason, environmental CSR has taken off, with many companies now prioritising the impact that their business has on the environment.

Broadly, environmental CSR tends to focus on a business cutting down its greenhouse gas emissions and waste. One example of a business focusing on environmental responsibility in their CSR strategy is Unilever. In addressing everything from the product design phase to shipping, Unilever have cut their costs in addition to their impact on the environment. Ethical corporate social responsibility programmes focus on ensuring that all stakeholders in a business receive fair treatment, from employees to customers.

Ethical responsibilities are self enforced initiatives that a company puts in place because they believe it is the morally correct thing to do rather than out of any obligation. Businesses consider how stakeholders will be affected by their activity and work to have the most positive impact. Whilst economic and legal responsibilities are the primary concerns of a company, after addressing these fundamental requirements businesses can then begin to focus on their ethical responsibilities.

Ethical CSR initiatives are intended to enforce fairer treatment for all employees, with common examples including paying higher wages, offering jobs to those who might otherwise struggle to find work, ensuring that decent standards are maintained in factories and refusing to partner in business with unscrupulous businesses or oppressive countries.

Ethical CSR considers every level of the supply chain, including employees who may not be directly working for the business. For example, CSR programmes might be in place to ensure that people producing clothes for a company receive fair treatment, or to prevent small scale farmers from being exploited by offering fair payment for their crops. Though sometimes difficult to enforce, these programmes are intended to help ensure that employees, customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders get the fairest deal possible.

Cosmetics company Lush is known for its global campaigning against animal testing and strong ethical initiatives. Alongside the annual Lush Prize which fuels innovation of anti-testing methods, Lush has been dedicated to operating fair and direct trade. Doing so also allows the company to ensure they source the safest and most suitable raw materials for their products, ensuring that consumers receive the best quality cosmetics.

The company also insists that their suppliers do not support child labour. If their producers become aware of any child labour, they are expected to support the child back into education through a training and transition programme.

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Placing ethics above profits, the company has continued to partner with sustainable suppliers, working with them from the ground up to establish solid long-term relationships. Philanthropic social responsibilities go beyond simply operating as ethically as possible and involve actively bettering society.

This type of corporate social responsibility is frequently associated with donating money to charities, with many businesses supporting particular charities that are relevant to their business in some way. However, philanthropic CSR does not only refer to charity donations. Other common philanthropic responsibilities include investing in the community or participating in local projects.

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The main intention is to support a community in some way that goes beyond just hiring. By investing in the community, the business encourages loyalty from employees whilst benefiting from an improved support system. Google is well known for its corporate philanthropy, running multiple charity programmes through Google. The company carries out a volunteer programme which allows employees to dedicate up to 20 hours of work time to volunteering in their communities each year.

However, beyond these programs, Google has carried out numerous initiatives focusing on improving particular regions.

Definition of corporate social responsibility

One such example of this is their work with Learning Equality towards making digital content accessible online in order to allow students without the internet to have better access to learning resources. By making materials available through a cloud library, Google hopes to help contribute to reducing the gap between disadvantaged communities in India, Latin America and Africa and countries with better access to technology.

Corporate social responsibility is a valuable way for companies to demonstrate their humanity whilst doing their part for society, the environment and their stakeholders. Our world, the people and organisations in it are becoming ever more interconnected and CSR is a way to actively manage those connections to benefit a company as well as those people, organisations and communities your are connected to via what you sell, who you hire, who you buy from and so on.

With sustainable development being at the core of CSR, it makes sense for businesses to implement CSR strategies in their business plan not only for the planet, but moreover for the success of the business. Corporate social responsibility creates a competitive advantage, raises brand awareness and helps businesses develop trust with shareholders, customers and employees.

How to write a great responsibility essay: topic ideas and writing tips

Demonstrating that companies, customers and communities can thrive together is a powerful advantage. Besides encouraging companies to re-evaluate their business plans to become more ethical and conscious of their impact on society, corporate social responsibility has a number of other benefits. Whilst costs associated with CSR might seen inhibiting initially, many of them reap valuable long-term benefits.

Likewise, investors want to work with companies who are reputable and have a sense of corporate social responsibility.

The Truth About CSR

With social awareness only growing, many companies are beginning to introduce roles dedicated entirely to enforcing corporate social responsibility. Positions are available at both junior and senior levels, with duties varying from working with stakeholders to reviewing the supply chain to find the most sustainable and responsible way to source materials.

First, the best thing you can do is gain as much experience as possible in roles with charities, corporate organisations and NGOs. Here are some useful sites to get started with when looking for corporate social responsibility jobs:. Naturally, even more general job sites will have a selection of opportunities in corporate social responsibility available. We know that some people are responsible and others are not. But all of this does not seem enough for a good essay.

More than that, it does not sound exciting enough for any academic work.

Sounds familiar? Well, good news then!

A lasting legacy

Responsibility can actually be a very engaging subject for an essay, and you can have tons of fun writing this kind of paper. Find our ideas for a responsibility essay, along with professional tips on writing one. Creative ideas on a responsibility essay The definition of responsibility Even though this does not seem like the most engaging subject, you can still express your creativity here. Start with any given definition of responsibility from a dictionary and dwell on how it relates to real life.

Think if it is a character trait or an acquired skill? Think of how being responsible for certain things pulls our focus from other aspects of life. How important is responsibility? Think of the areas — professional ones especially — where responsibility is a must-have trait. Anyone in between a bus driver and a nuclear plant operator will do. Think of all the construction workers and the architects who are responsible for the homes we live in; of journalists who present information and of teachers who hone young minds.

This list of jobs can go on for pages, but you can choose areas you are familiar with — this will give your responsibility essay a compelling look. Should one strive to be responsible? The most obvious answer here would be yes, but with some creativity, you can prove exactly the opposite. In any case, remember that responsibility comes more naturally to some people, while others find it challenging to keep a cactus growing.

Think of the reasons and personality traits that make certain people come off as responsible, and others — as irresponsible. Is there a definite line between the two or it is all relative, like pretty much everything else in this life? Are there any negative sides to responsibility?

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Can there be some kind of balance between responsibility and irresponsibility? Social responsibility This one is a more complex notion because social responsibility has many aspects. All of these are good examples of social responsibility, and this list can go on further. Parents have a social responsibility, scientists have a social responsibility, politics have a social responsibility, even celebrities do.