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Pope Pius XI agreed to Ireland staging the Eucharistic Congress in (to commemorate the anniversary of St. Patrick arriving in Ireland in AD) Eoin O'Duffy was given the job of organising the Eucharistic Congress . Essay Plan.
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  • On show to the world: the Eucharistic Congress, 1932.
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Anglo-American popular culture Hungary Revolution Cumann nGaedheal Economic Policies Cumann na nGaedhael inherited a backward economy, burdened by Civil War debts and an overwhelming depression in agriculture. Economic realities included:. Political considerations.

Eucharistic Congress of Dublin (1932)

Generate support for the new State and confidence among certain crucial classes - the bankers, the large farmers and the Anglo-Irish community. Government adopted a conservative policy -. Agriculture — The Problems. Small farms who had no money for new technology. Conservative and old farmers who did not relinquish their farms to their heirs until they were relatively old, cautious and conservative. Ireland had supplied poor quality produce to England during the war so her reputation for quality was poor.

Britain adopted a cheap food policy in post-war period so the British market - traditionally the chief one - had to be competed for and this meant that prices obtained for Irish produce declined. Agriculture — The Policies. Minister for Agriculture, Patrick Hogan.

Set standards for production of butter, meat and eggs.

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Advisory service to improve breeding stocks and crops. Interventionist policy to improve standards in marketing. Established the Agricultural Credit Corporation to make loans - few took advantage of it. Agriculture — The Outcomes. Limited success in the early years. Little change in volume of output or the structure of exports.

Value of butter exports rose very slowly. The number of cows actually fell a little.

Eucharistic Congress for Dublin in

Loss of tillage and a new dependence on imported foodstuffs. Development of sugar beet as new cash crop - this was the exception to this.

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  5. Policies benefited the strong farmers, rather than the smaller ones. Industry — The Problems. N ot a priority for Government. Home market was too small to cope with imports.

    No source of power. The government was convinced that industry could not be forced but it was unlikely that industry would emerge without the help of protectionism, bounties or special financial provision. Larger industries opposed protectionism. Katherine Donnelly Girls have kept up the tradition of outperforming boys in the Junior Cert. Katherine Donnelly CAO points for college entry have crashed the point limit for the first time.

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    Irish News Dear David: 'My eight-year-old son wishes he was a girl. What do I tell him? Irish News. Karl Henry's top tips for winter training: 'Avoid cotton, and find a running buddy' From a chaotic childhood to life as a living legend - the extraordinary story of Cher Lucinda O'Sullivan: 'This is the most impressive and important restaurant to have opened in Ireland this year'.

    Also in Irish News. The pursuit of sovereignty and the impact of partition, Why did the conduct and outcome of the Treaty negotiations, October-December, , prove contentious? During the period , what were the strengths and weaknesses of James Craig as a political leader?

    How well did Irish governments cope with the social and economic problems they faced, ? How did the threat and use of physical force affect Ireland during the period ? What was the significance of the Eucharistic Congress, ? How did Anglo-Irish relations develop during the period ? How did the Irish government contribute to the consolidation of democracy, ? What was the impact on Northern Ireland of international developments during the period ?

    The 31st International Eucharistic Congress 1932

    During the period , what factors contributed to the partition of Ireland?